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Another Day in Paradise...The Ideal holiday destination

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This could be your view from the balcony #BookNow

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 Team Amani

 I must acknowledge and thank each one of you for your efforts in ensuring we had smooth operations during the weekend with  excellent occupancy ,  positive comments on our people and their attitude … alongwith noteworthy revenue.With over 300 persons plus  40 children , we had all departments working in tandem – seamless service , awesome entertainment , phenomenal food complimented by proactive backend support from Purchase , Housekeeping , Engineering , Security , It  …WIth the onset of ‘season ‘ we must continue to work together , plan ahead inspite of various challenges and cope with difficult situations with a smile to ensure our guests  have a second to none experience , and return … that’s what true  ( Kenyan ) hospitality is all about … that’s what Paradise under African skies is all about .

We can … & we will , but remember always - only Together We can !

Stay Blessed and stay well . My wishes to your family and loved ones .
Asante Sana !

Aditya Mata

General Manager




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Kindly note that Miss. Hanneke Koster & Mr. Arno Van Den Akker from Holland are very special guests staying with us at Amani Tiwi Beach Resort in  South Coast Mombasa.A TV programme in the Netherlands  is called Pure Luck . They surprise people who have a really hard time, are sick or suffer with terminal disease .They found information  on a  young lady – Hanneke 27 year old who was diagnosed with the illness SCA1 in March 2015.SCA1 is a hereditary disease which attacks the brain. Victims of this disease have an increased  problem with walking, talking and swallowing.Also the movement of arms, hands and eyes decrease rapidly. At the end,  this horrible disease leads to complete immobility and an early death. Until now there is no cure.Hanneke’s father who was suffering from the same illness, died two years ago. Hanneke saw him deteriorate  and knows like no one else what this illness means. From the age of 16 she has been worried that she might also suffer from the same disease and last year in March she decided to have herself tested. Unfortunately the result was not good, Hanneke was suffering from the same illness her father died of.  At the moment she can still move around although walking gets difficult especially when she is tired. Her speech is also deteriorating and she kind of talks with a double tong. The tricky thing is that even the doctors are not able to predict how quick the disease will develop. She could be in a wheelchair in one year’s time but it could also take 5 years.  What they do know if the fact that the disease develops much quicker with younger people compared to when one is older.

Hanneke’s biggest dream had been to go on a safari to Kenya and spot the Big Five. Amani played a pivotal role in helping her achieve this dream … by hosting Hanneke and her partner at the resort without any charge for seven nights including accommodation , food and beverages.While Hanneke may not have another opportunity to do a similar trip again , her financial situation also did not allow her to travel without able support from understanding partners .

 The organisers of the Program “ Puur Geluk” Endemol decided to make a change and bring Hanneke and her friend Arno to Kenya to spot the Big Five.

 GoAfricaSafaris & Travel, their  Dutch partner OnsKenia and Amani Tiwi Beach Resort Mombasa   decided to be part of making Hanneke’s Dream come True!

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In our social corporate responsibility  Amani is partnering with Kwale eye center.

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